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At A Glance

  • Night 1 Arrive into Colombo
    1 night at The Walawwa
  • Night 2 & 3 Transfer to Anuradhapura
    2 nights in Ulagalla Resort
  • Night 4 & 5 Transfer to Kandy
    2 night in Kings Pavilion
  • Night 6 & 7 Transfer to Hatton
    2 nights in Camelia Hills
  • Nights 8 & 9 Transfer to Yala
    2 nights in Chena Huts
  • Nights 10, 11 & 12 Transfer to Beach Stay
    3 nights in Kumu Beach

Itinerary Details

Arrive at the Colombo International Airport. Guests will be met by our Airport Manager and English-speaking Chauffeur Guide. Guests met by our Airport manager and your assigned Chauffeur Guide.

Proceed to Colombo, the commercial capital or a hotel close to the Airport
Travel Time: Approx. 45 mts/ 1hr
Check in to the resort (please note that check-in time is at 1400hrs). Rest of the day at leisure


The Walawwa- 1 night

Garden Suite, B&B basis


Breakfast at the resort.
Check out and proceed to Anuradhapura, the first ancient capital of ancient Sri Lanka
Travel Time: Approx. 3hrs/ 3hrs, 30 mts

Check in to the amazing Ulagalla Resort, relax by the poolside
By evening around 1730hrs, visit the sacred city when the locals visit the temple in time for the “Pooja” ceremony

Anuradhapura Under the Twilit Sky

As your local experts, we are excited to introduce you to a concept that makes all the difference. Visit to the sacred city of Anuradhapura late evening is more than just a historical site sprawling and makes it most exclusive and immersive as we avoid the tourist masses and take the time to wander around and enjoy witnessing the local pilgrims make their spiritual offerings.

As the dusk draws near, the climate transitions to a cooler and pleasant atmosphere. Exercise mindful breathing as you soak in the tranquility and peace that surrounds you. It is also an opportunity to observe the way of life of an islander, most of whom return to the sacred grounds after work, school or their farms – in search of whatever purpose that lures them in.

Join the locals as they light the oil lamps, incense sticks and flock to listen to the chanting and prayers conducted.

Return back to the resort after an eventful evening of spirituality


Ulagalla Resort- 2 nights

Pool Villa, B&B

Breakfast at the resort.
Today we indulge in a visit to explore the ancient city of Anuradhapura. We can emply bicycles which would be an enjoyable experience.

Explore this fascinating ancient capital, which thrived between the 5th century BC – 9th century AD and the center of the island’s Buddhist civilization.
In antiquity and the interest, it is the equal of any ancient ‘buried city’. The island’s oldest Buddhist shrines – some dating back to 3rd century BC are found here. Impressive white ‘dagabas’ (relic chambers) and monuments, embellished with handsome stone carvings
and sculpture, the oldest documented tree on earth – The Sri Maha Bodhi (over 2000 years old), pleasure gardens, beautifully executed stone baths and ponds, a superb irrigation system of reservoirs and canals are the attractions of Anuradhapura.

There are not many ancient cities in the world that can claim to have been continuously inhabited for over a millennium, and Anuradhapura is one of them. Crowning as one of South Asia’s most evocative spectacles, the sacred city of Anuradhapura is more than just
a historical site sprawling with a rich collection of archaeological and architectural wonders. It is also a continuum that reflects the passage of time and humanity.

Duration: Between 2hrs – 2h, 30 mts
Return to the resort, rest of the day at leisure.
Explore the resort based experiences which includes the kayaking in the tank, horse riding, bird watching trails etc… (supplements apply)

Breakfast at the resort.
Check out and proceed to the 5th century Rock Fortress of Sigiriya

Travel Time: Approx. 1hr

Sigiriya Fortress

This UNESCO World Heritage site, a spectacular Rock Fortress, is undoubtedly Sri Lanka’s major attraction and mostly visited. The story and legend behind Sigiriya is truly inspiring considering the great King’s vision and his taste to design one of the most stunning ancient gardens of Asia.

The most impressive facets of the unique complex are the fascinating Water Gardens, the Frescoes of beautiful maidens, the Mirror Wall with ancient graffiti, the Lion platform and the view from the Summit. The 1.6-hectare complex was once completely covered by buildings during the period of Sigiriya’s glory.

Special: On descent from Sigiriya, we will provide guests with fresh cold towels and fresh tropical fruits
Continue to Kandy, en route we visit a private spice plantation

Private Spice Plantation In Matale

We visit a private spice garden, where you be met by a specialist who will share his knowledge of the history of spices and talk about
fragrant cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, mace and pepper, and many other favorites such as cocoa and vanilla. Your guide will explain the different spices and show how some of these spices are grown, processed and practically applied for cooking and medical purposes. A processing and training unit has been set up in the area and farmers are grouped in a cooperative to ensure fair prices.

Lunch: Open

Continue to Kandy
Travel Time: Approx. 90mts -2hrs


The Hill Capital was the last stronghold of the Sinhala Kings retains an aura of grandeur, which time has not affected. Encircled by hills, with a tranquil lake in its center, it is the site of the most venerated lace for all Buddhists, the “Temple of the Tooth”. The Royal Botanical gardens home to one of the best collections of Orchids. The Colonial buildings signify Victorian and Edwardian style architecture, the Queens Hotel certainly making its presence felt in the town.

Kandy was once the capital of the venerated 16th century Kandyan Kings, who fiercely and successfully defended their kingdom against Portuguese and Dutch invaders for 300 years. It eventually fell to the British in 1815, but the salubrious hill station has maintained its position as an epicenter of Sinhalese culture and the site of an important spiritual pilgrimage for Buddhists. Many of the legends, traditions, and folklore are still lovingly kept alive by the region’s friendly people.

Check in to the hotel or depending on reaching Kandy, you could explore the Kandy town with your guide.

Enjoy a walking tour along the Queens Hotel through the narrow streets of Kandy, which is shadowed by the Edwardian, and
Victorian style British Colonial buildings. The busy streets are interesting to walk along, you will observe the many quirky shops displaying from antiques, to jewellery, handicraft to garments and clothing.

We could also walk down to the market areas and grocery stores, which are located in the hub of the town. Try out the beer at the Bake house overlooking the busy streets of Kandy.


Kings Pavilion- 2 nights

Junior Suite,B&B



Breakfast at the resort.
(Optional) If required, we can feature a private session on Yoga or Meditation with a Guru in Kandy (Travel time: Approx. 30 mts)
(This experience is private and exclusive)

Yoga Experience

Yoga is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, originating in ancient India, and later introduced and practiced in Sri Lanka soon thereafter. The goal in performing Yoga is the attainment of a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. The word is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The goals of yoga are varied and range from improving health to achieving inner peace and have many flavours depending on what many factors. The postures in yoga are known as “Aasana” in Sinhala and “Hatha Yoga” (mind and body) is a popular feature of Yoga practiced in many parts in Sri Lanka.

Return for Breakfast

Approximately at 1100hrs, we travel out of the town to meet with a local off the city of Kandy and we visit a local market in Tuk Tuk’s and pick up our favourite vegetables.

Return to the place in Kandy and we will learn how to cook and create delicious Srilankan curries using exotic spices

Srilankan Cooking Experience

We visit an organic farm maintained by a typical villager in the North-West Zone; understand how the monsoon and seasons operate in these areas. The man-made tanks and reservoirs play a huge role in deciding the type of crop or vegetables to be planted coinciding with the weather patterns, monsoons and the markets demand.

We pick some of our favourite vegetables and if the need arises, we could visit a local village “Pola” market where you will choose your
favourite vegetables. Learn simple methods of preparing the vegetables and with the use of exotic Srilankan spices; we learn how to cook a typical Srilankan curry with the locals. Your host will assist you during the entire session of picking your vegetables and cooking.

You could add your own touches and spice it up to your satisfaction and enjoy this delicious Srilankan curries and boiled rice which forms a staple diet amongst Srilankans. You could take back this special recipe back home where you could try your own spice-infused Srilankan curries and dishes.

Enjoy a delicious Lunch with the local family.

PM: Visit the Lankathilake Ancient temple which is historically Signiant and is less visited

Lankathilake Temple

The Lankathilaka Rajamaha Temple Built on a rocky outcrop, the temple is reached by a long series of steps cut directly into the rock. A cruciform brick building in three storeys, it has a peculiar architectural design. The temple is full of exquisite painted scenes of the lives of 24 former Buddha’s and there is a colossal seated image of the Buddha.

Thereafter, we visit a private Dancing Academy nearby
(Please note that this experience is private and exclusive)

Kandyan Dancing Academy

We visit a local Dancing school outside the city of Kandy. The Kandyan art reflects the unique signifies our heritage and culture. The dancing school is conducted by a renowned Kandyan dancer recognised by the main Kandy Temple.

The teacher conducts dancing and drumming lessons to emerging young students who aspire to be temple dancers and drummers. This is an important ambition to these students and the practice has been going on for several generations.

The rather charming dancing school is located in the outskirts of the Kandy cit. It is common that the villagers nearby come over to witness the lessons admiring the skills and techniques passed on for many generations.

The school conducts both Kandyan dancing and drumming lessons and clients too could take part in drumming lessons and learn some of the techniques.

Return back to the resort.

Breakfast at the resort.
Take the morning train and enjoy the journey through the tea country. Train journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya: Approx. 4hrs

Train Timings: 0847h from Kandy to 1245h to Nanu Oya Station, Nuwara Eliya)
1110h from Kandy to 1301h to Nanu Oya Station, Nuwara Eliya)

Please Note:
• Train tickets are issued on a first-come-first-serve basis and is issued one month prior to travel date
• Suggest the journey from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya or Hatton
• Tips: We can arrange a snack during this journey (supplements apply)

Train Journeys

Many visitors consider the train journeys from Kandy to the central hills one of the most scenic and memorable experiences. The carriages and seats are simple as they are purely designed for locals and government servants at a cost, which is marginal for them to commute between majour cities. The opportunity for visitors would be to travel with locals, observing the lifestyles and behaviours, which can be quite intriguing and interesting. The luscious, verdant tea plantations and estates are simply breathtaking as we travel to cooler climates as we reach the high altitudes.

Reach Nuwara Eliya/ Hatton continue to the hotel, check-in
PM: Rest of the day at leisure


Camelia Hills- 2 nights

Lake View Bedroom, All Inclusive


We visit a tea factory and plantation in the area and learn the history and the traditional processes and techniques adopted by the factories to date.

Tea Factory Visit/Plantation

We visit a Tea Plantation and Factory to learn about the history of the tea industry and how the British and Scottish planters introduced Tea to Sri Lanka. We observe the techniques and skills of the tea pluckers and the process of turning the raw green leaf into the familiar black / brown final product.

You will also learn how tea is grown is different geographical conditions (such as low grown, medium grown & high grown tea), the manner in which they are plucked, weighed and fermented, processed and stored for distribution.

You will also get to understand how the bulk tea is auctioned by reputed tea brokers at the tea auctions which has been conducted for over 150 years and later branded, packaged.

PM: Rest of the day at leisure

Breakfast at the resort.
Check out from the hotel and travel to Tissamaharama/ Yala

Travel Time: 4hrs, 30 mts/ 5hrs (depending on the location of the resort booked)

Lunch: Stop en route (Open)

PM: Optional Game drive to the Yala National Park
(This depends on the location of your stay at the tea country)

Yala National Park

Sri Lanka’s most known national park is popular for Elephant, Leopard, Bear, Crocodile and Wild Boar. More than three times larger than Udawalawe at 97,800 hectares, this is the second largest of Sri Lanka’s national parks. Its open undulating terrain made it famous for elephants for many years, but recently the park has also received much fame through publicity by National Geographic and the Discovery TV channels, which focused on a leopard research/conservation and identifications project.

Claims have subsequently been made that Yala National Park has the world’s highest concentration of leopard per square kilometer. This park is primarily shrub jungle with several salt and freshwater lagoons. The areas popular with leopard are rock-strewn hillocks with dense shrub in which the animals hide.

Check in to the resort, guests at leisure


Chena Huts – 2 nights

Pool Cabin, All Inclusive

Enjoy an early morning game drive to the Yala National Park
Travel Time: Approx. 30/45 mts

Please Note:
Included game drives would depend on the hotel booked. Some are inclusive and others are payable)

Return to the resort for the breakfast at the resort.

Lunch: At the resort

Afternoon; Enjoy a game drive to the Yala National Park

Indulge in an early morning game drive to the Yala National Park,
Travel Time: Approx. 30/45 mts

Return back to the resort. Brekfast at the resort
Check out and continue to Galle. We enjoy a walking tour of the Galle Fortress with a resident guide

Travel Time: (Yala – Galle) Approx. 3hrs

Galle Walking Tour

Enjoy a walking tour of this “living fortress” and understand its history, secrets, and amazing architectural elements. The Galle Fort was established by the Portuguese in 1505 as a small foreign trading port. However, in 1640, the Dutch captured Galle, and by 1663 had constructed great ramparts and massive bastions to protect their interests.

Within these ramparts, narrow streets are lined with houses displaying their Dutch and English heritage. Flanked by pillared verandahs, these colonial homes and Government offices remain in use today.

Some of the important places we see within the Galle Fort are the Groote Kerk (Dutch Reform Church), the Governor’s House, vast spice warehouses, the Court Square, the Old Dutch hospital, the lighthouse and Meera Jumma mosque. Today, Galle has developed well with concept restaurants, cafés, heritage hotels and shops outbidding the other with creative handicrafts, antiques and colourful clothing and fabrics. Panoramic views of Galle and St. Mary’s Cathedral may be enjoyed from the three highest bastions of the Fort named the Sun, Moon and Star.

Continue along the coast, check in to your Beach Resort. Check in, rest of the day at leisure


Kumu Beach- 3 nights

Ocean Bedroom, B&B

Breakfast at the resort.
Enjoy your stay at the beach resort, guests at leisure

Breakfast at the resort.
Check out and proceed to the Airport in time for departure.
Travel Time: Approx. 2hrs, 30 mts to the Colombo Airport

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