7 night Ecuador Itinerary

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At A Glance

  • Day 1 1 night in Quito
  • Day 2 & 3 2 nights in Pacto
  • Day 4 & 5 2 night in Quito
  • Day 6 & 7 2 nights in Zuleta
  • Day 8 Depart Ecuador to go home

Itinerary Details

Transfer from the airport to your selected hotel in Quito. Look for a sign with your name on it. The airport is located in the town of Tababela, about 43 km from Quito and takes between 45 minutes to one hour to arrive.


Delight your senses with this exclusive chocolate arranged for you as a welcome gift to Ecuador.  This wooden box contains a variety of forty different mini-bars of Pacari’s best chocolate with a detailed presentation of this selection and its award-winning flavors.

You will spend the night at Casa Gangotena Hotel (Balcony Junior Suite).

Transfer from your hotel in Quito to Pacto.

Your guide will accompany you and answer any questions you may have along the way. You will see how the landscape changes as you drive westwards, watching the vegetation become more green and lush as the altitude drops into the cloud forest from the high Andes.


Shared Services


Mashpi Lodge is located about 3 hours traveling to the northwest of Quito via the western flanks of the Andes. It was designed to blend in naturally with the surrounding cloud forest, and the latest techniques in sustainable construction were used. It blends in perfectly in the surrounding Ecuadorian Choco cloud forest with a modern, luxurious design and decor, mixing earthly tones together in harmony with the steel and glass components of the lodge. The Ecuadorian or Andean Choco cloud forest is known for being one of the world’s best sites for bird-watching, just a few years ago it was named as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. There are many endemic plant and wildlife species here, meaning they cannot be found anywhere else in the world other than this specific micro-climate in the Andean Choco cloud forest. Once you arrive in Mashpi, you will plan your activities with the Mashpi team and receive a briefing on the lodge, accommodations, and how the activities will operate during your time in the cloud forest.

On our way to Mashpi Lodge, you will visit the archaeological ruins at Tulipe, said to have belonged to the ancient Yumbo civilization of pre-Inca Quito, set in a magical forested location. We’ll taste delicious Ecuadorian appetizers and fresh-brewed coffee prepared by members of the local community before our final one-hour descent into Mashpi Lodge. After settling into your accommodations, you will be introduced to your naturalist guide who will briefly speak about the cloud forest and the activities offered during your stay, as well as helpful tips about what to wear and bring during the excursions. Afterwards you have time for lunch before the afternoon activities, which may include a hike through the forest or an opportunity to see the forest from above on Mashpi’s Dragonfly aerial cable car.

In the evening, your guide may ask you if you’d like to go out and search for wildlife on a night walk. When the sun sets in the Choco cloud forest, all sorts of different life forms come to life such as frogs, snakes, insects, and even tarantulas. Your guide will know how to find them and show you the best way to experience these incredible creatures.


The highlight of any trip to Mashpi is the Dragonfly – an exciting, open-air cable car system that carries you over, across and sometimes even directly through the forest canopy, offering guests a relaxing way to enjoy the reserve from overhead. The entire setup consists of two main stations, six towers (with an intermediate station that guests can get off at if they wish), and four gondolas. The gondolas are equidistant and separated by a distance of 500 meters/1,640 feet. Each gondola moves along the 2 km/1.24 mi length of cable at a low speed of 50 meters/160 feet per minute. The guides can stop the gondola at any point to allow for an extended observation of any flora and/or fauna that catches your eye. An entire circuit (roundtrip) takes about 40-minutes to complete. Gondolas can carry up to 4 guests (plus 1 guide).


Mashpi Lodge happens to also be a wonderful sanctuary to practice wellness.   Take advantage of the various wellness options at Mashpi. You can enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating spa, open-air hot tub, or practice yoga that will uplift your senses.  Mashpi has an entire menu of options for you to choose from.

You will spend the night at Mashpi Lodge (Yaku Suite).


On your second day at Mashpi Lodge you may be awakened by the mixture of bird activity, as you know, the early bird gets the worm. After breakfast your guide may invite you for a walk to a waterfall where you can bathe in the pools with the water crashing behind you, or maybe your guide will suggest visiting the hummingbird garden, or the life center’s butterfly farm. Here you can explore the life of butterflies, the many species found in the Mashpi area and their metamorphosis from egg, larva, caterpillar, and chrysalis to winged wonder. The guides will also discover various species of host plants that butterflies use to lay their eggs on, such as passion flowers, birds of paradise, milkweeds.

Mashpi optional activities: waterfall visit, butterfly farm, hummingbird garden and sky bike

Afterwards, you’ll be back for a delicious lunch where your guide will explain further the other exciting and interesting activities available at Mashpi. You might have the opportunity to pedal on the sky bike above ground and through the canopy like one of the many birds found in the Choco Forest. Mashpi guides are keen on noticing every sound and rustle in the leaves, hoping to reveal colorful birds, while explaining the habitat’s ecology. Another activity available is to climb up to the observation tower to view much of the Choco cloud forest from above with a bird’s eye view and watch the sunset as it descends slowly. In the evening, the guides and staff like to prepare different and engaging lectures on the diverse wildlife and plant life, or the scientific research projects conducted in the same Choco Forest you’ve been discovering.

You will spend the night at Mashpi Lodge (Yaku Suite).


On your last day at Mashpi Lodge you can let your guide know if you are interested in additional activities before heading back to Quito. You might be able to visit a waterfall or special place in the forest to soak it all in one last time. Check out will be at about 11:00 am and you will be transported back to Quito to your hotel.

*Note: Itinerary at Mashpi Lodge is subject to change according to weather, logistics and operations, as well as guide and staff decisions based on guest’s safety. 

Transport from Pacto to Quito.

Transfer from your hotel to your selected restaurant in Quito and back to your hotel again.


Ecuadorian cuisine is noted for hearty, savory pairings and exceptional seafood. For its finest expression, head to Zazu, which Andrew Harper singled out last year as the best restaurant in Quito, Chef David Picco’s stylish and acclaimed establishment offers five and seven-course tasting menus, as well as extensive à la carte option.

You will spend the night at Casa Gangotena Hotel (Balcony Junior Suite).


Private Services


During the historical city tour of Quito, you will explore the best preserved colonial center of all of South America. As one of the first World Heritage Sites, it will be an unforgettable experience as if you were stepping back in time. The first stop is the Basilica del Voto Nacional. Due to its size and style, it is considered the largest neo-Gothic temple in the Americas, and the most important piece of neo-gothic architecture in Ecuador. You will continue to the Plaza Grande, or Independence Square. Admire the historical buildings surrounding the square and it’s important history! Located here is the Presidential Palace, the Catholic Cathedral, and the Archbishop’s Palace.

Another visit you will enjoy is the most impressive of all churches, the San Francisco de Quito. The church houses masterpieces of talented indigenous artists from the famous methods of Escuela Quiteña, “Quito School”, which are the artistic traditions associated with the 17th and 18th centuries. Walk through the lively colonial streets of the old town to visit other historical highlights such as the Panecillo, from where you will have an amazing 360 degree view over the city.

The second part of this tour will take place at the north part of the city (35 minutes’ drive from Quito’s Old Town) where the equator line meets the prime meridian and the coordinates indicate point 0° 0’ 0”.

La Compania Church

One of the highlights of the city tour is the visit to La Compañia Church, considered to be a Baroque masterpiece. The facade is made of volcanic stone and the interior is all covered with gold.

Intiñan Museum

The Intiñan Museum is a smaller, but highly interactive museum located right next to the Mitad del Mundo Monument. Even though the monument features the division of the equator, when technology improved, geologists and cartographers realized the real equator line was just a bit off.  It features outdoor exhibits of astronomical geography and explanations of the importance of Ecuador’s geographical location. One of the highlights are the solar dials, fun experiments that can only be done here, like balancing an egg on a nail, and many more activities, as well as reconstructed native homes found all over Ecuador.


Private Services

Since the mid-seventeenth century, the Santo Domingo church has occupied over more than an entire block of space in the most important sections of the colonial center.  Belonging to the Dominican Order, it is the second largest of its kind in Quito in size, extension, and in grandeur. Its exceptional mix of styles blends baroque, mudejar and neoclassical art and architecture combine together perfectly in a unique but harmonious way.  The famous “Escuela Quiteña” or Quito School of Art is responsible for a large part of the church’s decoration and now has a museum inside the church where you can view the sculptures made from the same styles and methods.


Private Services

You will enjoy a culinary experience and cocktail as another welcome to Ecuador. Be prepared to experience and savor the flavors of seasonal fruits, sweet and salty typical snacks, artisanal chocolate, and a typical “Canelazo”, a warm alcoholic beverage made with cinnamon, Ecuadorian liquor, and juice of “naranjilla” (lulo in English).  If you prefer, you can also enjoy a glass of wine at a decorated table inspired by Ecuadorian experiences, along with a waiter in traditional dress to serve all your needs.


Private services

In a picturesque corner of Quito’s Historic Colonial Center, you’ll find a small but fascinating 18th century house and museum known as the “El Descanso” manor house. Here, you will have a unique and exclusive experience, enjoying a completely magical meal filled with Ecuadorian traditions, while learning more about Ecuador’s culinary heritage.

It includes: An exclusive visit to the “El Descanso” museum, heritage experiences and welcome cocktail, four-course meal and lunch, artisanal sourdough bread, two glasses of wine per person, unlimited water, “El Descanso” style keepsake, waiter or waitress in 18th century period costume.

You will spend the night at Casa Gangotena Hotel (Balcony Junior Suite).


Private Services

Ecuador is the third largest exporter of roses in the world. They are much more appealing compared to roses from other locations due to their size, longevity, and variation of over 500 colors, thanks to the special microclimate conditions of Ecuador, especially along the equator. The climate allows more daylight hours and cooler nights due to the elevation of the Andes, allowing longer growth cycles and uncountable possibilities for rose colors and beauty.

You will visit the hacienda “La Compañia de Jesus”. It  originally belonged to the Jesuit Order when they established themselves in Ecuador about 300 years ago.  In  1767, when King Charles III expelled them from Spain and all of their colonies, they had to leave these lands behind. What was once a barn for the Jesuits to keep them safe and in hiding, has been transformed into a unique rose museum with an exquisite permanent exhibition showing more than 5,000 different stems of the most colorful varieties of roses grown at the plantation. You will be able to discover this interesting and colorful showroom while enjoying a  typical refreshment known to the region.


Private Services

You will first visit the town of Otavalo, famous for its indigenous market that is held every day, with the largest bargains and traders present on Saturdays. The market is an ancient tradition and cultural exchange site among the Otavalo community. Furthermore, you can visit the peaceful town of Cotacachi, famous for its leather products such as shoes, purses, coats and belts. You can browse the products and meet the local craftsmen who create these beautiful pieces. More places can be explored at Otavalo area such as the Cuicocha Lake consider as volcanic lake based at the slopes of Cotacachi volcano with a unique diverse of flora of the Andes.


Private Services

Cuicocha is a beautiful volcanic crater lagoon near the small town of Otavalo. Cuicocha is part of the Cotacachi Cayapas Ecological Reserve and is located at an altitude of 3246 meters. With the  deep blue hues of the water and the two small islands in the middle it has a local nickname of Guinea Pig Lake.  Cuicocha Lagoon is a feast for the eyes. Walking around the lagoon is a wonderful way to enjoy the unique biodiversity in the area and learn a little more about pre-Columbian cultures. On a clear day, you even have a panoramic view of the area, including the volcanoes Imbabura and Cayambe. Another, less demanding option, is to join the short boat trip around the lake that teaches you more about its ecosystem (not included in the price). The next stop is the village of Cotacachi, if time allows. This charming town is famous for its leather handicrafts and in the small shop you can buy everything made out of leather, from purse to jacket and from head to cowboy saddle.

You arrive at Zuleta in the afternoon after a drive through lush pasture lands. With some luck you will have stunning views of the snow-capped volcano, Cayambe, which is just a few miles away from Zuleta. One of our hosts will welcome you personally upon arrival, and assist you with check in to your guest suite. Once settled, one of the family owners or managers will personally tell you about the activities the hacienda offers and find out about your personal preferences, needs or questions over tea or coffee.

After planning your stay, you will be shown around the main building. You will learn more about Zuleta’s history, see ex-President Galo Plaza Lasso’s private library, our chapel and wander through our beautiful gardens. As the sun sets, it gets chilly at Zuleta, so enjoy some wine and our farm made cheese in front of the fireplace while reading from our vast libraries prior to dinner.

Included: Breakfast,  private transportationEnglish speaking guideprivate excursionlocal guideroom at your selected hotel, accommodation and dinner.

Enjoy from this included activities during your stay at the Hacienda:

Condor Huasi Project: The “Condor Huasi Project” is highly recommended. In the mornings, you are more likely to see wild Condors soaring as the sunlight creates thermal updrafts. The Condor project is located in a native forest valley, and accessible via vehicle, horseback or on foot. You will learn about the foundation’s efforts, see rescued condors in the aviary, and perhaps visit the nearby trout farm.

Gardens: If you enjoy early mornings, you might want to take a short walk around the property prior to breakfast taking in the beautiful scenery and fresh Andean air. There is an abundant variety of bird life attracted to the Zuleta gardens.

Hiking and Trekking: You can also decide to give yourself a challenge and hike up to the Condor viewpoint, which provides a great panoramic view over the Zuleta Valley. Sightings of the Andean spectacled bear are common in this area.

Caranqui ruins: Through the pasture lands of Zuleta you can discover ancient mound sites from the times of the Caranqui people; these mounds date back to 700 C.E. and constructed these large mounds in the earth and raised fields for their use before the Incas arrived from the South.

Milking cows: There is always something to see and do on the hacienda, adjacent to the main courtyard, the milking barn is full of activity at daybreak, as some of the more than 300 Holstein dairy cows are being milked by the Hacienda staff. Zuleta Hacienda was actually the first to bring Holstein dairy cows to Ecuador by ex-President Lasso.

Cheese Factory: Staff at the hacienda will suggest a guided visit to the cheese factory in order to learn more about Zuleta´s semi-aged handmade cheeses, how the process has changed throughout history, and where the cheeses are sold, both domestically and internationally.

Zuleta Embroidery Project: It is always possible to visit the Zuleta Embroidery project and workshop. Here you can meet with members of the Zuleta community, for these locals hand embroidery has been an important part of artistic and cultural expression for centuries. The project aims to keep this art form alive and well in the community through educational components and in providing the local people with a sustainable form of income through their own embroidery shop

Agricultural activity: You are invited to explore Hacienda Zuleta’s organic garden, you can learn about permaculture and see where the produce and ingredients for your meals originated.

You can explore the farm operations, feed calves, count sheep, talk to the vaqueros (local cowboys), enjoy the embroidery museum, or relax in the garden.

Included visits and activities: Condor Huasi Project, gardens and lagoon, chapel, 60 km of self-guided trails and 1,700 hectares of protected land, cheese factory, orchards, permaculture sustainable methods, milking experiences and foundation projects such as the community library and store with hand-embroidered products.

Additional services not included in the rate: Alcoholic drinks, Horseback riding or cart rides, Embroidery or cooking classes, Bikes, Specialized Bilingual Guide Service (Naturalist, bird handler, equestrian), Massages, Manual milking, Transport service to move inside and outside the Hacienda, Laundry services.

You will spend the night at Hacienda Zuleta (Junior Suite Room).

CYCLING (1 hour)

Private Services

Mornings are the best time to take advantage of the sun and warm weather in the cooler section of the Andes. A morning bike-ride to experience scenic roads and high grasslands is a perfect activity for you if you are active, it will be just you and the wide open Sierra.


Private Services

An exclusive stable with the hacienda’s own breed of Zuleteño horses gives you the opportunity to discover this magnificent landscape in true style! The hacienda has horses for every level of expertise and provides you with good quality helmets, half chaps, rain ponchos, and a saddle bag so you can feel at ease while exploring some of the hacienda’s glorious horse trails.


Private Services

You can also enjoy an exclusive meal in the fresh Andean air and stupendous scenery in the hacienda’s tranquil picnic area, surrounded by Caranqui mounds and towering mountains. You will be served by your own personal chef and delight in an array of flavors with a delicious traditional meal.


Private Services

Learn to cook Andean specialities together with our local chef, using handpicked produce from our organic gardens.


Private Services

Become part of the famous creative tradition of Zuleta and try your hand at embroidery with the help of our friendly local experts!


Included: Breakfast, private transportationEnglish speaking guide, activities to be choosen , all meals, accommodation.

Transfer from your selected hotel to the airport in Quito. The airport is located in the town of Tababela, about 43 km from Quito and it will take approximately 45 minutes to one hour to arrive.


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