Hemingways Ol Seki Mara, Kenya

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Hemingways Ol Seki Mara offers a stunning private tented camp as a luxurious enclave in the wildest terrain of Kenya. It features nine exclusive luxury tents with 270° panoramic views of the Mara plains.

  • Each Tent has a 270° view of the bush
  • Excellent Dining
  • Great for Honeymoons
  • Maximium of 20 Guests

Situated in the heart of the Naboisho Conservancy, which borders the Maasai Mara Reserve, Hemingways Ol Seki Mara ensures an incredibly private safari experience by limiting entry to clients staying within the area.

Guests can choose from nine exclusive tents, each offering breathtaking views and warm Kenyan hospitality. With no typical day at Hemingways Ol Seki Mara, the camp tailors every experience to suit individual preferences, creating an unparalleled adventure in the safari realms.

The Destination

Stretching to 200 km² northeast of the Mara Reserve, Naboisho Conservancy comprises contributions from over 500 Maasai landowners. Tourism partners pay conservancy fees, which are directed back to the landowners, providing them with a sustainable livelihood.

Naboisho limits the number of tourists permitted to enter, thereby reducing the crowds of vehicles and allowing the plains to remain free for wildlife to thrive. Research indicates that Naboisho has one of the highest densities of lions in Africa. The conservancy also boasts impressive numbers of elephants, giraffes, and other plains game, in addition to hosting some of the rarest animals in Kenya, such as the Wild Dog.

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