What is Joali Being?

The Only Wellbeing Island of its kind in The Maldives.

JOALI BEING is the beginning of a transformative journey. They meet guests where they are, and guide them on the path to self-discovery and renewal. From exhilarating adventure and soulful relaxation to customised nutrition and interactive learning, they create wellbeing experiences tailored to individual lifestyles and goals.

About the Hotel

Nestled on the secluded island of Bodufushi in Raa Atoll, amid crystalline lagoons, pristine beaches and lush coconut palms, JOALI BEING is a 40-minute seaplane journey from Malé International Airport. With 68 villas, each with its own butler or “Jadugar”, we are the region’s first wellbeing island retreat.


Immerse in the vibrancy of FLOW, our open-plan interactive dining space featuring three signature kitchens. Plantae offers vegetarian and vegan cuisine, Su serves ocean-to-table pescatarian fare, and B’Well features a signature JOALI BEING menu, including a selection of Earth-to-Table meals. For sunset seekers, there is Mojo – our tropical beach sanctuary located on a three-layered sundeck and is an ideal lunch and sundowner spot by the pool. Culinary arts at JOALI BEING focus on an earth-to-table initiative, promising ingredient traceability and offering fresh, locally harvested foods that support small farms and are sustainably sourced.
All food and beverage options at JOALI BEING have been expertly curated with the help of the retreat’s nutritionists, offering a selection of flavours and cuisines with healthy and indulging dining options. Personalised nutrition sessions and co-created menu recommendations are available.

Four Pillars of Joali Being


The Mind is responsible for thinking, feeling and making choices,as well as directing our emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing. Our mind is the gravitational field that determines how we express ourselves, handle stress and relate to others.


Skin is the largest body organ with its own microbiome. By focusing on the skin health, we nurture the body, restore natural beauty and reverse aging, impacting many areas of life, including self -confidence.


Referred to as the second brain, the gut’s Microbiome plays a key role in human health by breaking down and absorbing nutrients and strengthening the immune system. When the gut is healthy, the other pillars thrive.


Energy is a journey of the body, expanding through conscious movement. This pillar reflects how we sustain and renew physical energy in order to have the capacity to keep thriving. Regular intervals of self-care, restoration, and recovery help to re-energise ourselves, even during high-paced periods.

Wellness Packages

Embark on a transformative wellbeing journey, surrounded by the abundance and wisdom of nature. Curated around the Four Pillars of JOALI BEING: MindSkinMicrobiome and Energy, our Wellbeing Programmes are designed to meet a variety of objectives, including: deep relaxation, stress recovery, digestive reset, weight management, preventive skincare, anti-ageing, energy replenishment, and yoga enhancement.

Example Package: Unwind and Relax

Whats Included:

7 night stay:
  • Half Board Meal Plan
  • 1x 15-Minute Pre-Arrival Wellbeing Consultation
  • 1x 60-Minute Integrative Lifestyle Assessment Consultation
  • 1x 15-Minute AKTAR Signature Herbal Tea and Essential Oil Roller Blend
  • 1x 15-Minute Follow Up Consultation
  • 1x 30-Minute Departure Consultation
  • 1x 90-Minute Culinary Workshop
  • 1x 60-Minute AKTAR Herbology Workshop
  • 1x 20-Minute Flora Hair Analysis and Sensorial Experience
  • 1x 90-Minute Four Pillars Signature Massage
  • 1x 60-Minute Watsu Therapy or Hamman Experience
  • 1x 60-Minute AKTAR Mind Therapy or Sound Healing Remedies
  • 2x 60-minute Hatha Yoga or Pilates or Meditation
  • 2x 90-Minute Abhyanga Shirodhara or Integrative Massage
  • 1x 60-Minute Flora Hair Lab Restorative Hair and Scalp

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