Silversea Expeditions

The five ships in the Silversea Expeditions fleet are purpose-built for navigating waters in the most remote realms of the world – from pole to pole, the Galápagos, and beyond – in supreme comfort, safety, and all-inclusive luxury. Hosting a mere 100 to 274 guests in all-suite accommodations, these ships are intimate in scale yet huge on adventure.

Hosted by up to 28 expedition staff on every voyage, each ship comes equipped with brand-new Zodiacs, kayaks, snorkel gear, and all the other essentials* necessary for you to experience true 360o immersion in fascinating, far-flung locales.

*Complimentary or available to rent at a supplementary cost.

Unique Silversea Expedition Experiences

An expedition with Silversea is unlike any other form of travel. Silversea Expeditions deliver the absolute best of both worlds by taking you to some of the most remote regions of the planet and providing in depth exploration ashore. It’s a rare combination of adventure and indulgence they won’t find anywhere else. Yes, the itineraries have it all. Yes, Silversea have experts leading you ashore. No matter where you go with Silversea Expeditions, we guarantee you will enjoy a uniquely immersive experience that will expand your global perspective and prompt them to re-evaluate life’s greatest moments. This is no ordinary excursion. This is a Silversea Expedition.

Zodiac Cruising

There’s nothing like venturing into the wilds of the Amazon rainforest by Zodiac or catching sight of an Atlantic Puffin scuttling along Scotland’s shores. The Expedition Team will get you close to the action, all you have to do is climb on board.

Land Adventures

The land adventures offer the opportunity to get up close and personal with extreme landscapes and rare wildlife while trekking on foot. Hikes among unique fauna introduce guests to new friends like Howler Monkeys and Alpacas.

Kayak and Snokelling Exploration

Barrier reefs and Humpback Whales are impressive from afar, but there’s nothing like floating through snaking mangrove forests in silence or having a giant Whale Shark glide right beside you. Under the guidance of certified kayak and snorkel instructors, guests get to paddle through fjords and snorkel the world’s best natural aquariums.

Advanced Lectures

Silverseas prepare guests for onshore excursions with the best of the best as the professional naturalists, biologists, historians, and geologists provide you with insider information about what to expect onshore and in the water. They’ll share captivating details about the land, water, and wildlife of each expedition destination.

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