St. Nicholas Bay Elounda Announces New Room Types!

Those who are in the know about luxury Cretan escapes will have surely set their sights upon the magnificent coastlines of Elounda at least once, and those who are in the know about Elounda will surely be aware of a little resort called St. Nicholas Bay. But just in case you don’t know, St. Nicholas Bay is short for St. Nicholas Resort Hotel and Villas. Now get to Googling.

In the increasingly competitive 5 star family marketplace, one must carve themselves a niche in order to stand out, but set against the likes of Ikos or Grecotel, St. Nicolas Bay chooses to remain somewhat understated. This is a bold strategy when your competition enjoys putting words like “Palace” and “Imperial” before their property names. However, luxury is never in short supply at St. Nicholas Bay, with 7 restaurants, a full service spa, private villas and kids clubs. On paper, St. Nicholas Bay appears to stack up, but how do they stand out?

It’s all in the design. To that end, St. Nicholas Bay has recently announced the completion of a whole new children’s play area, and a new category of accommodations. They are the Olives and Sea Villas; a new series of 2 and 3 bedroom luxury villas with majestic views of the sea.

The 2 bedroom and the 3 bedroom villas are nearly identical in concept, with the obvious exception of an extra sleeping space, but that does not mean that guests will be lacking for variety; every room is distinct and flows seamlessly into the next, with each offering some kind of unique architectural quirk to keep things interesting.

Circular inset mirrors contrast straight wooden beams, fastened into sharp angles to form the structure. Flat, cream colored walls, very traditionally Greek, dance with high-grain wood furniture with natural tones of driftwood and oak. In the spirit of interconnectedness, the standing rain shower features a set of one-way glass windows that grant views across the patio and straight to the sea, while at the same time keeping prying eyes out. Details like this are what make the new Olives and Sea suites worthy of a big announcement; so much planning and love has gone into crafting a living space that is truly one of a kind.

So many hotels, and indeed luxury resorts, put forth a modicum of effort; A thin veneer of personality on top of what are essentially the same suites copied and pasted next to each other in perpetuity. Isn’t better to go on holiday and feel as though you’ve arrived somewhere special? That is the design philosophy here, and the reason why St. Nicholas Bay is worthy of consideration when planning your next luxury family holiday.







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